A country walk ended up being a scrable through dense hedgerows after a Delabole man and his girlfriend ended up trapped on a stile by a snorting bull.

Dave Alden and his girlfriend had a lucky escape after being trapped on a stile with one aggressive bull on one side and either a hiefer or a bull on the other.

The pair were walking on a public footpath near Altarnun, North Cornwall researching a new walk route for their website www.iwalknorthcornwall.co.uk when they said halfway across the field, a bull emerged from behind a group of cows, charging straight for them.

"We ran to the stile in the corner of the field only to findanother bull on the other side of the stile"

After trying to wait the animals out, and a bid for freedom stymied by one of the giant farm animals left Dave with a hand injury, the couple finally found an escape through the nearby hedge.

Video on youtube.