Highways staff have said they are “not prepared to consider” a stop sign for Traboe Cross, despite claims that the road is dangerous.

St Keverne Parish Council has been campaigning to have such a sign installed on the Kuggar side of the crossroads, in a bid to alert motorists of the dangers of the junction.

There have been a number of collisions at the crossroads and members fear this is because drivers see the fingerpost on the Traboe side and mistakenly believe this is the end of the road, so shoot over the junction.

Clerk Grace Hatton reported back to councillors at their last meeting that the highways design team was “not prepared to consider a stop sign as experience shows that if people miss or ignore give way signs then the same will apply to stop signs.”

However, the team will look at making “small changes” to the layout by creating a hatched area between the two carriageways at the Kuggar approach to Traboe Cross, moving the modern direction sign for St Keverne as far left as possible so that it is more easily viewed from across the junction, and moving the fingerpost on the Traboe side to a less prominent position.

Councillors were not impressed with the news, with Roger Richards saying: “I still disagree with what they are saying about the stop sign. There are three in Ruan Minor and they’re minor roads compared to that one – and that’s only the ones I know of.”

The council has written to the highways department to point this out.