Helston’s Town Tidy team has been at it again, this time sprucing up an area at the bottom of the town.

Running off the back of two successful clear ups of St Michael’s Churchyard, the group moved its energy to the area around Coronation Park, St John’s and Penzance Road.

Painting was the order of the day, with the railings getting a lick of black gloss in the same fashion that those in Meneage Street were given during Town Tidy Week earlier this year.

Over four hours the team, made up of members of Helston Business Improvement Partnership’s aesthetics group and supporters, also tided the grass verges and spruced up the benches in that area.

Katie Chown, a member of the group, said: “We got rained on but it was well worth it we think. We made a significant impact to a very visual entranceway to town – the highway along the cattle market.”

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