It’s a familiar problem to Helstonians and those who regularly drive through Helston town centre – when the kennels bite back against unsuspecting first-time visitors to the town.

What should be a simple parallel park turns into a nightmare on Coinagehall Street when first one and then sometimes a second wheel gets stuck in the gutter – as locals watch on in sympathy/amusement [delete as appropriate, depending on your personality].

More often than not it is town warden, Craig Bowcutt, pictured, who comes to the rescue, helping the red-faced drivers out of their predicament.

His services will no longer come for free, however. His good work has come to the attention of Helston Town Council’s amenities committee, whose members discussed the number of vehicles being driven into the kennels.

While pointing out that rescuing stranded cars was not in his remit, councillor Martine Knight appreciated that Mr Bowcutt did help these drivers – but suggested a small rescue fee might not be inappropriate.

This “modest charge” could then be paid into the Mayor’s Fund, which is shared between charities in the town at the end of the civic year.

It was agreed that a flyer be produced suggesting to drivers of vehicles pulled out of the kennel that that they might like to make a donation to the Mayor’s Fund.