Helston's have-a-go-heroine Ingrid Loyau-Kennett was "threatened" with arrest on Monday after police were called to a disturbance at her home.

Mrs Loyau-Kennett became a national treasure earlier this year when she intervened to help police called to the Woolwich murder of drummer Lee Rigby. She has subsequently been honoured with bravery awards.

But on Monday night, after calling 999 because of her dispute with three local youths, Mrs Loyau-Kennett found herself on the receiving end of a warning about an alleged breach of the peace.

“The policeman grabbed my arm and held it very tightly,” said Mrs Loyau-Kennett. “He was twisting my arm and wouldn't let go and told me that if I didn't calm down he would arrest me. I was trying to get him out of my house and to understand that I was the victim.”

Mrs Loyau-Kennett, 48, claims she has been the target of vandalism and says youths have in the past thrown eggs at her home.

She was dubbed “The Angel of Woolwich” after she jumped off a bus to confront two men later accused of killing Lee Rigby. Photographs of her talking with man holding a meat cleaver were flashed around the world. But that incident now appears to be taking its toll.

“I suffer from anxiety and stress,” she told the Packet, “and it has been getting worse since Woolwich. I have been told I have post traumatic stress disorder, but I get no help.”

An ambulance was called to Mrs Loyau-Kennett's home on Monday after she briefly collapsed following the altercation with police. Mrs Loyau-Kennett says it started after she went outside to speak to three local youths but denies she was threatening or aggressive.

Neighbours say they have been at loggerheads with Mrs Loyau-Kennett ever since she arrived to live at Bulwark Road three years ago. One neighbour, who intervened in Monday night's dispute before arrived, said the incident was simply the latest of many over the years.

“There were three young teenage lads running about outside,” she said. “They weren't doing anything wrong and weren't at all threatening. But she went outside and confronted them and there was a very heated argument - insults flying about all over the place. I tried to calm things down but it just got worse.”

Devon and Cornwall police confirmed they were called to Bulwark Road on Monday night and that a woman was given advice about her behaviour. “We are aware of community tensions on the estate and are stepping up patrols with a visibility police presence,” said a spokesman.

Other residents said tensions had been rising in recent days because of Mrs Loyau-Kennett's opposition to a community playground