Steps are being taken to improve the condition of Peacock's Lane in Helston after concerns were raised about potholes.

Councillors heard from the town centre regeneration officer, Martin Searle, that the middle section of the lane was in “extremely poor condition” with many sizeable potholes.

As this is one of the main pedestrian routes to and from Coinagehall Street, this, said Mr Searle, causes “poor access for local residents and visitors, and does not create a good impression of the town.”

In his report to the council Mr Searle said that work is being carried out to identify the lane’s owners, “with a view to encouraging them to carry out repairs.”

He added that some progress has been made but the council is still waiting for confirmation of land ownership and the related repair liabilities.

Councillors thanked Mr Searle for his progress on the issue, adding that it was something that people had been trying to get done for some time. It was, they said, particularly good to see progress in identifying the responsible parties.