Work started this week on installing play equipment in public gardens near Helston’s Bulwark and Albion Roads, despite a last-ditch bid to stop the project by the town’s “have-a-go-heroine”.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who earlier this year intervened in a high-profile London murder, spent the weekend distributing leaflets to local residents calling on them to voice opposition to the £36,000 scheme, which will see five swings and a climbing frame provided for children aged two-12.

Two weeks ago Ms Loyau-Kennett, from Bulwark Road, was presented with a bravery award in recognition of her efforts in the aftermath of the killing of fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May.

She kept an armed man talking until police arrived. It was the latest plaudit for mother-of-two Ms Loyau-Kennett, who last month received a Special Certificate of Exceptional Endeavour at the Cornish Gorsedh in Penryn.

But on Saturday she upset some of her neighbours by distributing a leaflet which described the play equipment as “an amusement park” and warning it would lead to vandalism, drinking, fighting and other anti-social behaviour.

Her leaflets invited residents to indicate if they were “happy to get an amusement park close to home” and if it was “worth the risk to see our residential area looking like a council house estate from the 1970s?”

Ms Loyau-Kennett described her leaflet as a questionnaire and said she would report the answers to a town council meeting on Thursday.

Julia Eddy, who chairs the Bulwark Road Friends and Residents Group, said local people were outraged by the leaflet. “Everyone is extremely upset about this The entire estate is in uproar”, she said.

“The leaflet is so misleading – all we’re doing is installing a modest amount of play equipment for relatively young children. We’ve been working towards this, raising money and getting grants, for three years now.

“Work on installing the play equipment started on Monday so I have no idea what she hopes to achieve.”

Helston police confirmed that last month they received complaints of anti-social behaviour in Bulwark and Albion road and were stepping up patrols in the area.