Police in Falmouth and Penryn are reminding people celebrating Guy Fawkes Night that fireworks are explosives and "should be respected".

More children than adults get injured by fireworks every year and the police want to stop that from rocketing. Fireworks are explosives and burn at high temperatures, so they need careful handling and storage.

Officers are also reminding people that it is an offence to let off fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am, apart from Bonfire night (November 5th), when they can be let off until midnight as well as New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when they can be used until 1am

Devon and Cornwall Police’s tips for staying safe.

• Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.

• Never throw used fireworks, paraffin or petrol, on a bonfire.

• Take care around bonfires, especially keeping clothing away.

• Make sure bonfires are out and surroundings are safe before leaving.

• Misfired or partly used fireworks should be soaked in a container of water and the manufacturer should be contacted for advice on disposal.

• Keep pets indoors as most animals are scared by the bright lights and noise.

Officers are also highlighting that there are laws about fireworks, particularly if you are under 18. Under 18's cannot buy fireworks or have them in a public place. If caught, the police can give you an on-the-spot fine of £80.