“Dangerous” equipment at Helston Skate Park is at risk of being removed unless action is taken now.

This was the warning from town councillor Lloyd Harris during a discussion at the last meeting of the play and young people committee.

Mr Harris said he had personal experience of the problems, telling the meeting: “I can say some of the equipment is dangerous. I’ve spent two days in Treliske [Royal Cornwall Hospital] with my son as a result of it.”

Ten-year-old son Kieran came off his scooter after hitting a gap that has formed between the bottom of one of the ramps and the tarmac. As a result he had to be taken away in an ambulance with a knee split so deeply you could the bone.

Mr Harris also told the meeting that youngsters came from as far away as Penzance, Hayle and Falmouth to use the skate park, which potentially brought business to the town from their parents.

His comments came as a result of fellow committee member Vicky Matthew, chairman of the South Kerrier Alliance (SKA), said the group wanted the community to become involved in repairing parts of the park.

She warned skateboards were going to “come off” due to the damage, while a lip on one of the pieces was “causing accidents.”

Mrs Matthew said she had initially thought about getting a teen shelter but since the park got a new caretaker there were “far less young people loitering.”

She added: “I think it’s important that the whole of Helston gets behind this.

“As we know, when things get considered dangerous they get taken away.”

Mrs Matthew said any offers of help, made via the Old Cattle Market building, would be gratefully received.

Deputy mayor Mike Thomas reminded people that neither the town council nor the sub committee owned the park or had responsibility to maintain it, which fell to Cornwall Council, but he agreed: “Clearly this is something we can head off before a disaster happens.”