A beer he had while preparing his late father’s boat for winter storage at Feock, added to what he had drunk the previous evening, led to a Devoran man admitting he was a drink driver when he was before Truro magistrates.

Matthew James Holmes, aged 32, of Market Street, Devoran, pleaded guilty to drink driving on October 13 with a 75 mcg alcohol content in breath – more than twice the limit.

Alison May, for the CPS, said police officers had seen him with his car in the Loe Beach car park at Feock at 4pm when they thought he was drinking.

He started to drive off as they watched and they stopped him, giving him a screening test which he failed.

He had a previous conviction in 2001 for a similar offence.

Curtis Lewis, his solicitor, said his family had been experiencing considerable stress and trauma following the sudden death of his father.

The night before the offence he had had a lot to drink and was on the beach to prepare his father’s boat for winter storage, having had one drink of beer before going back to his car.

He was astonished that he was so far over the limit.

Holmes, a painter and decorator, was fined £110 with £109 costs and surcharge and banned from driving for 18 months.