It was the age old problem of money that was delaying the rebuilding of Helston Community College, the councillor overseeing Cornwall’s education explained last week.

Andy Wallis, Cornwall councillor for Porthleven part of Helston, had been asked for an update on the “continuing saga” relating to the rebuilding of C-block at the college by deputy mayor Mike Thomas.

Mr Wallis replied that there was no update, as the council was still “exploring various options.”

He told the full town council: “We’re still trying to work out how to solve the issue with very little money to do so. I have got 272 schools in my portfolio and this is one of my portfolios. But it does come down to money.”

A previous cabinet at Cornwall Council had agreed to pay up to £10 million for the project, but since then officers have been unable to find the money within the council’s budgets.

A meeting on the subject had been earmarked for Wednesday (November 27) but this had been postponed until after a meeting with funders.

Mr Wallis would not be drawn on whether the plan was now one of refurbishment rather than rebuilding, saying only: “All options are on the table, as they always have been since the original decision.”