A trainee tattoo artist in Falmouth has admitted assaulting his girlfriend by pushing her outside her home.

Alexander Michael Rockley, age 20, of Dolcoath Road, Camborne, pleaded guilty to assaulting Sophie Smith, his partner of six years and the mother of his three children.

Rockley and Ms Smith had had pressure in their relationship because of his smoking cannabis and his inability to find work, magistrates in Truro heard from Anita Kennett, for the CPS.

On September 24 they had argued, with pushing and shoving on both sides, and then Rockley had pushed her out of the property, causing her dressing gown to fall open in front of neighbours. He had no previous convictions.

Neil Lewin, for Rockley, said this had been a catalyst for trying to deal with |problems he now realised existing in their relationship.

Things had got worse for them at the time of the offence and he had almost imploded, feeling he could not provide for the family.

It was a vicious circle, as he was smoking cannabis when things got difficult rather than sitting down and talking about it, and this escalated their financial problems.

He had not smoked the drug now for three months and things were looking up job-wise, as he was working at a tattoo studio in Falmouth where he was hoping to be taken on as an apprentice.

He is currently seeking help with his problems.

Rockley was given a year’s community order with supervision and told to take part in a building better relationships |programme. He had to pay £60 victim |surcharge.