AS one of the “elves” challenging celebrities’ pointless knowledge on BBC quiz show QI one ex Helston schoolboy is used to thinking up “quite interesting” facts.

Now Stevyn Colgan is sharing his obscure knowledge with the general public, through his third book Constable Colgan’s Connectoscope.

The former police officer’s latest offering is full of interesting facts that were not used on the show but written in the build up to putting out episodes.

Stevyn told the Packet: “It became a massive game of trying to connect facts together to try and make sense of certain things; it’s worth a read and some of the facts will blow your mind.”

In a past life Mr Colgan had a successful 30-year career with the police and is now an established writer and researcher, not just for the TV show but also its sister Radio 4 show The Museum of Curiosity.

A former Parc Eglos Primary and Helston School pupil, he is the son of the late Michael Colgan, himself a |former police detective in the area.

Stevyn rejected a place at his chosen art college, choosing instead to follow in his father’s footsteps. “It was actually a £50 bet with my dad that I couldn’t last six months with the police. That six months turned into 30 years. I really enjoyed my time with the police force; I loved figuring out crimes and investigations,” he said.

However, Stevyn did not put down the pen whilst working with the police, continuing with his art work and writing that has led to a successful subsequent career.

The 52-year-old, who now lives in London, is still incredibly proud of where he came from. He said: “I’m hugely proud of my roots, and my first book Joined Up Thinking was dedicated to my late father.”

His second book, entitled Henhewedhlow, is the largest body of original modern Cornish prose that currently exists, and is endorsed by friend and colleague Stephen Fry, as well as Helston town crier, bard and his former careers teacher Howard Curnow.

Describing what it is like to work with Mr Fry he said: “He is great fun – everything you hear is true; a truly lovely person and an incredible professional.”

Working in broadcast is something that Stevyn is extremely proud of and he highlighted the best things about working for the BBC: “Meeting amazing people, working with all the comedians, scientists you name it. When else would you get to meet David Frost and Buzz Aldrin?”

All three of Stevyn’s books are available online via Amazon as well as from many book stores.

He has some advice for anyone |wanting to pursue a career in writing, |saying: “I kept the creative side of me going while with the force, with my art and in the end I just decided to write a book.

“The advice I would give to anyone is just to write as much as you can. Blog, diary, short stories and essays, just write as much as you can.”

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