Proposed changes to a Helston businessman’s own-build in the town centre have been objected to by councillors.

Wesley Bowden is currently building the property in Lady Street using planning permission granted in 1989.

A garage was built on the site, and planning permission remains valid.

However, Mr Bowden has applied for permission for the design to be “tweaked ever so slightly” according his architect, including the redesign of the back stairs, some fenestration (ie the position of windows and/or doors), boundary treatment and decking. Following a presentation by councillor John Boase, the town council’s planning committee |unanimously recommended refusal of the application, which some |members of the public have objected to.

One nearby resident said Lady Street was already a “hazardous area” for pedestrians, while another said she was upset by the decking already in place that she claimed looked into her garden and bedroom window.

The town councillors did say they would be “minded to approve” it if boundary treatment was included on the south side at the lower level, to preserve the privacy of neighbours.