Cornwall's firefighters were called out to several flooding incidents around the county on Sunday as rainy weather set in once more.

Five firefighters from Newquay were called to a stretch of road at the Trevemper roundabout which was flooded for around 50 metres to a depth of approximately 30 cm, and they unblocked drains to let the water drain away naturally.

In Perranporth, 10 firefighters in two appliances used a major pump and a light portable pump to clear clear water up to two feet deep from Tywarnhale square.

A request was also made for firefighters to attend a premise at St Minver, Wadebridge which had water two foot deep outside, and an officer was mobilised to assess the situation.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: "Fortunately a second call from the premise was received stating that the water was naturally receding and the fire service was no longer required."

Five firefighters from Truro wera also called to a premises in the Carnon valley which was surrounded by 18 inches of water, and a light portable pump and a main pump was used to remove the water.