As huge waves crashed onto the coast of Cornwall over recent days, and crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the dramatic scenes, some have been slammed for abusing the very people risking their lives to keep them safe.

Portreath Cliff Rescue Team have posted on their Facebook page that members of the team were out on the quays and car parks, together with the police, last night, warning the many hundreds of people of the dangers posed by the mountainous seas.

Despite the obvious danger, with huge seas crashing in through the darkness, depositing thousands of tonnes of water, rocks and sand with every wave over the seafront and harbour, the abuse that the emergency services suffered from the public was "incredible".

Adding: "More importantly, was that the majority of it came from local people directing their anger at the very persons who were trying to stop them walking into danger."

The behaviour has seen an outpouring of support for the Coastguards and emergency services on Facebook, with many saying how different the story would be if these same people needed to be rescued.

Mandy Francis said: "They are total idiots for ignoring warnings and not respecting the power and strength of the sea and should be ashamed of themselves for their behaviour and the abuse they gave you.

"Thank you for what you do to save lives, risking your own while doing so."

Paul Young said: "Dumbfounded at the response you received from the local people while you were giving them advice."

Sara Radford added: "When will people learn that yes it looks amazing but it's dangerous! The amount of people that are risking their lives, their kids lives, it's ridiculous."