Monday is the most popular day for viewing pornography, according to new statistics, but which Cornish town has the dubious honour of watching it the most online?

The figures, from the world's biggest pornography website, show that Bodmin has come out top, with people staying on the site longest, on average.

Users in the town visit on average for ten minutes and 11 seconds and view 6.93 pages per visit on average.

In Falmouth the site users spend on average nine minutes and 21 seconds, visiting 6.59 pages.

In Truro, people visit the site for nine minutes and 45 seconds, with 6.8 pages viewed per visit.

Camborne has one of the lowest figures for major Cornish towns, with an average visit duration of nine minutes and seven seconds and 6.38 pages viewed per visit.

Helston visitors stayed for an average of nine minutes and 18 seconds and viewed on average 6.52 pages.

The figures are versus the English average of nine minutes and 42 seconds, the Welsh of 9m 38s, the Scottish of 9m 45s and the Northern Irish of 9m 35s.

The Hertfordshire town of Ware is the porn capital of the UK, according to the figures.

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