A former quarry at Halvasso near Penryn could house a wakeboarding centre with visitor facilities if plans lodged with Cornwall Council are approved.

Mr A Sly has applied for consent to use Kessel Downs Quarry for wakeboarding and to build a single-storey centre which would include a shop, kitchen, dining area and lounge area along with toilets and shower facilities.

The wakeboarding facilities will include three cable runs attached to motor towers that would pass over the submerged quarry to the opposite side where the cables would be anchored into the rock face. The towers would be 8.9 metres tall and, to allow the facilities to be used all year, floodlights are also proposed.

Laurence Associates, agents for the applicant, said: “The quarry has become submerged over the years and now forms a large lake with steep sides. The site is well vegetated around the quarry, forming an effective visual screen around the site.

“Given the topography of the site and the rural character of the area, there are no significant vantage points of the quarry from any residential properties. Development within the quarry should, therefore, have no significant detriment impact on amenity and is likely to improve the appearance of the site from its current dilapidated state.

“As a redundant, underutilised, unmanaged space, the site has no current economic benefit. Redevelopment of the site would provide a substantial input to the local economy, initially through the construction phase and subsequently through use and attraction of people to the area.”

The new building would be on the eastern side of the quarry and would be clad in timber boarding with grey UPVC windows and doors. The roof would be sedum to help integrate the building within the urrounding landscape. A weighbridge and building on the southern side of the proposed access, would be removed and the area replanted to establish a green verge. The existing entrance would be filled in with site material and topsoil to allow re-colonisation.

The application will ultimately be determined by Cornwall Council.