The manager of a flood-hit village shop is appealing for help in finding a temporary building so she can continue serving the needs of her community.

Michelle Firminger, who runs Ponsanooth Village Stores, is looking for a donor, or donors, who can help provide a portable building so she can carry on selling staple goods and providing much needed Post Office and prescription collection services.

She has been in discussion with a local supplier, who has a suitable building worth £5,000 that they will provide and fit for just £2,000, but she does not have the financial backing and says the cost is not covered by insurance.

Michelle who, as the Packet reported last week, was offered some space in the village Stag Hunt pub, said: “It is starting to prove difficult to get some of the elderly to allow us to help them. Even the change in routine is unsettling for some customers, and many can’t manage the walk up the hill to the pub.

“This is all that stands between the village having a sensible village shop back again, and if the people in the village were able to build one, with their help and commitment to what is going on, then I know they would. But it is just not the case.

“The Post Office has recognised it is so important to get something back up and running that they are trying to get hold of a suitable secure Post Office cabin. But as they work on the internet, there could be up to a six-week wait once they get a cabin for a telephone line to be installed.”

Anyone who believes they could help Michelle is urged to contact her on 07957 529758.