Fifteen new benches are now in place in Helston, giving a welcome respite to people walking through the town.

They have been bought and installed by the town council, after a suggestion from councillor Martine Knight back in July.

She told the amenities committee that Helston was particularly hilly and it was difficult for the less able to get around.

Mrs Knight suggested that if the council wanted to draw more people to the town, more public seating was an “easy fix” that would help people stay there for longer.

As a result, 15 benches are now in situ, after the committee agreed a maximum budget of £3,630.

Any shortful would be found from the town centre management fund, up to a maximum of £1,000.

In the town centre benches have been placed outside Helston Job Centre Plus, M&Co, Superdrug and Helston Methodist Chapel, plus a couple at the bowling green.

Slightly further out, there are now seats at the top of Trengrouse Way, at the junction of Trengrouse Way and Godolphin Road underneath the advertising hoarding, as well as by the bus stop near Godolphin House, outside the Wendron Street car park and another on the outside of the road.

Two more are in Monument Road and underneath the Coronation Park sign, on the road to Lidl.

All the benches are black in colour and installed to follow the natural topography of the land, to aid the visually impaired.