PLANS to convert the top two floors of the former Post Office building on The Moor in Falmouth into seven flats, are being supported by Cornwall Council’s planning officer despite opposition from the town council, clients of the current occupiers and local people.

Cengiz Rifat is behind the plans for the building, which include the creation of a mansard extension, and are due to go before the central sub-area planning committee on Monday when planning officer Martin Woodley will urge councillors to approve them.

The scheme is being opposed by Falmouth councillors who want the site maintained for commercial use and more than 30 people have also voiced their disapproval of the proposals.

Mr Woodley, however, says in his report to councillors: “The proposal would lead to a significant visual enhancement to the character and appearance of a visually prominent building overlooking a primary civic space of The Moor through the removal of the inappropriate flat roof to the existing side wing together with the poorly aligned and designed fenestration.

“A number of local objections focus on the loss of the existing gym/fitness centre use that currently operates in the upper sections of the building as an important community facility. However, the loss of this D1 type use to a residential development in this location would not be in conflict with the existing policy regime and is not considered to be a sustainable ground on which to refuse the application.”