Many people walking past the Sue Ryder charity shop in Falmouth on Saturday looked twice at the window display, not quite sure whether their eyes were playing tricks or not.

Staff at the shop had decided to recruit “live mannequins” for the day to raise the profile of the shop and the charity and raise some extra money at the same time.

Shop manager Jane Brooks told the Packet: “There have been quite a few surprised people, and double takes. You can see people asking themselves, are they real? There have also been quite a few kisses blown.

“It is all good fun. I would like to thank the models who have given up their time to help us raise funds for Sue Ryder.”

The models, who were volunteers from the shop supplemented by a couple who answered the shop’s appeal, wore clothing and jewellery from the store, with one even posing in the window in bridal wear.

It is not yet known how much was raised as the “mannequins” have yet to collect all their sponsor money.