Plans have been put forward to build Cornwall's first dry ski slope at the Killiow Estate near Truro.

The application, PA13/08643, drawn up by Laurence Associates in Truro, is for the main slope, a nursery slope, a ski lift, parking and a clubhouse.

The site is to the south east of Killiow House, on the eastern boundary of the estate, and is part of plans to 'diversify' the offer at the estate and to safeguard jobs.

Kea Parish Council are strongly against the plan, saying Killiow Estate is a heritage asset to the area and the house is a listed building with typical english parkland.

Adding: "This application would radically alter the estate and is not in keeping with the estate and woud detract from the area and would radically alter the estate. The scale of the application is too large for a lovelty valley area.

"The road from the A39 is totally inadequate even with improvements for the amount of traffic it is envisaged the ski slope would engender. The road from Kea Church which is supposed to be for residents only would be used more, espeically by golfers who already use it contrary to the original planning permission for a golf course. Other smaller tracks onto the estate may also be abused. We feel that a permission would engender a lot of traffic issues.

"The area is a Green Field Site and there would be noise and light pollution.There is a flooding potential as the area is marshy and is in the River Tinney catchment area."

The application has attracted comments from the public on the council's online planning site, with Amy Mansell saying: "I know the site well and I wish to write in support of this application. I am aware that this proposal is for the construction of a dry ski slope and feel that this development would be a great asset to the Killiow estate and to the area as a whole.

Killiow Golf Club is already on this site and it is a well known amenity area. Not only will the proposed development enhance the current amenity, it will enhance the whole area. In an tourist area such as Truro and the surrounding areas, and indeed the whole of Cornwall, amenities and things to do are very much in demand.

"This development will provide for this demand and as such add economic growth for the area. Not only providing jobs for local people, but also ensuring stable employment for those currently employed at Killiow Golf Club."

Kate Haponiev, an an employee of Killiow Golf Club, said: "I fully support any development within the business that will secure our future/jobs here. The ski slope will bring nothing but positive attributes to all and offer a very different and interesting leisure facility that is not available in the surrounding area."#

However others have traffic concerns, with Philip Downes, saying: "My objection to this proposal is based on traffic issues I live on the private road approached from Kea, this road which is already barred to golf course traffic is abused by it and many drivers hitting speeds of 40/50 mph making the entry to my property dangerous. I anticipate despite assurances from the estate that there will be no ski slope traffic using this approach we will experience an increase in traffic especially from the Treliske area of Truro."

The clubhouse

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