Glasney Green Space in Penryn has received renewed support from Penryn Town Council at January’s council meeting.

Councillors voiced full support for Cornwall Council to investigate drainage issues on Glasney playing field.

Councillor Martin Mullins said: “I can’t see how we could not support them, with all the good work that they have done.”

The work, which is expected to cost £2,622, will involve Cormac drilling boreholes and installing monitoring equipment to check groundwater levels, with six visits through the spring of 2014.

There will also be an |investigation to check whether previously planned drainage was ever installed at the site, and if so to find out why the ground still suffers from water logging after heavy rainfall and is unusable in winter.

Councillor David Garwood told the council that if there was drainage it would be “a basic herringbone drainage system, which is standard but ineffective” considering the nature of the site.

Pip Carlton-Barnes, secretary of the Glasney Greenspace Regeneration Project, said: “We have been working toward this for over a year now and it is wonderful that things are starting to happen.

“We are really pleased to have the support of the Town Council. Now we need to start working on raising funds for the drainage work when it begins.”