A modest hero has denied he did anything special after pulling a woman from Pendennis marina during recent stormy weather.

Robin Winn, skipper of the Belgian registered schooner This Is Us, which is berthed at Pendennis Point Marina, was woken last Saturday night (January 4) by a man knocking on the hull of the boat and shouting for help as his wife was in the water.

Mr Winn said: “I came out and legged it down the deck, and saw her in the water.

“I pulled her out, and got her on board, and her husband got some dry clothes.

“That’s all there is to say, I’m just glad I was around to help her out. God knows what could have happened because it’s quite quiet at night”

He has since seen the lady he aided, and said that she is “just relieved to be with us.”

John Watkins, a keen sailor and long time friend of Mr Winn, said he believed his friend was being modest and should be commended for his actions, adding: “Had he not got up and responded in the way that he did, that lady would have drowned.”