Penryn Rugby Club members have been left angry and upset after criminals broke in and "caused more damage than they took."

The burglars broke into the premises last Sunday in a "well planned" attack, causing £3,000 worth of damage and stealing £500 in cash.

The events of the break-in were recorded by the club's alarm system computer, which showed that the phone line was cut at 11pm, half an hour after the club was closed, and the thieves left and waited half an hour before re-entering to smashing the wall mounted alarm.

They then left again and waited another half hour before returning to cut open the safe, and only then did they leave for the final time.

Robert Stephens, club chairman, said: "The club are really upset, all the members, the committee, players and coaches, as all the work they put in is for the local community.

"It caused about £3,000 worth of damage and they took about £500 out, they caused more damage than what they took.

"It's all voluntary, no-one gets paid, and it just makes you really angry."

Police are appealing for anyone who knows anything about the burglary to call 101, quoting the crime reference number GP/14/72.