Vanilla nightclub on the Moor in Falmouth has closed only four months after opening its doors to the public.

A notice pinned on the door, dated January 15, states that the landlord, Greendale Leisure of Exeter, had re-entered the property and means the lease to Penswood Inns, which also runs Vanilla in Truro, is now forfeit.

Greendale Leisure was previously the operator of the club when it was called Remedies, and leased the premises to Graeme Scrimgeour of Penswood Inns in June 2013, allowing him to open Vanilla in September.

Mr Scrimgeour said: “It had become clear in the last few weeks that for a number of reasons, the style of operation that we operate in Truro does not fit with Falmouth. We are aware of a closure notice at the premises, this is a commonplace legal procedure to assist the landlord with their future plans for the building and we wish any future tenant great success.”

Sue Edwards, the police licensing officer, said she had no more |information about the matter, adding: “It’s a shame, because it’s not been there very long and it’s always a shame to see a premises empty again.”

Greendale Leisure could not becontacted for a comment, and any enquiries about the premises should be directed to Paul Keeling of Stones Solicitors, Exeter.