Mawgan Lunch Club held its final meal last week after it was forced to close through a lack of a cook.

Lee Eggle, former landlady of the village pub, The Ship Inn, has been providing monthly meals to members for the past ten years, but has had to give it up through ill health.

Now, without a volunteer to take her place, the club has had to fold – and will remain closed unless someone comes forward to take up the ladle.

Numbers have also dropped in recent months, meaning it is not feasible to pay for anyone new. As such, the club hopes to find a volunteer who would like to help elderly residents in the community once a month.

Lunches take place at Mawgan Recreation Hall on the second Tuesday of each month, between 12.30pm and 2pm, although the cook would need to be there earlier to prepare the meal.

Traditionally food consists of fruit juice to start, followed by a basic main course of meat and vegetables, or cottage pie, and finished with a dessert, plus tea and coffee.

It benefits older people in the parish, with four of them aged over 90.

Volunteers would need to have the right qualifications, such as a Food Hygiene Certificate, to prepare food for vulnerable people.

All the utensils and equipment are provided in the hall kitchen.

To volunteer to take over the cooking, or to become a member of the lunch club if it begins again, call Shirley White on 01326 221341.