Pairs of dancers are being invited to join this year’s Helston Flora Day – with the only criteria being they must be made of wool.

The Knit Flora Day project launched on Saturday at Helston Museum, with the end aim being to recreate a dance in wool.

One of the museum’s volunteers is knitting the museum, cannon and Helston Town Band, and when displayed the dolls will be positioned as though dancing out of the building.

It will be part of an exhibition running either side of Flora Day this May, which will also feature old photographs of the event and other memorabilia.

The project originated from an idea by museum curator Katherine Ashton and quickly “snowballed.”

It is now being led by Jill Blunn, Lee Eggle and Diane Mitchell, who run a “knit and natter” group.

It launched with a day for people to learn how to knit the dolls, as well as get help with their own knitting and crochet projects that they might be stuck on.

There was even a demonstration of knitting with giant, six-foot long “needles.”

Ms Ashton said: “It went very well. We had a lot of people come in and go away with patterns. We’re hoping they will go away and do a lot of knitting and come back to us with their completed dolls.

“It’s a project the whole community can get involved in.”

Anyone who would like to try knitting a doll can get hold of the pattern by emailing

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