A marine based mental wellbeing charity has had an application for a 'marine classroom' in a portable container, to be sited at Waterside House, supported by Penryn councillors.

Sea Sanctuary, which provides an enjoyable, fun mixture of sail training and therapy for people with mental health issues, is currently based at the building off Falmouth Road.

The application is to site a container, which will be used as a learning suite in conjunction with activities in Waterside House.

The charity, which is now a Royal Yachting Association training centre, has two boats, a motor fishing boat, which is currently in use, and an 85ft Danish sailing vessel which is currently being refitted in Bristol.

Joe Sabien, chief executive of Sea Sanctuary, said the container would be used as a “marine themed classroom.”

He said: “The portable learning suite would be best placed by the waters edge to create an enhanced environment for learning.

“We will be able to offer our clients a realistic prospect of obtaining professional |qualifications in a supported |environment, thus improving their mental health in the process by the development of both hard and soft skills.

“We anticipate providing RYA training and an arts workshop for some of our clients.

“At this stage, we cannot accurately confirm the number of people who will attend but we anticipate running a couple of groups per week.

The size of group will not exceed seven at any one time and will have a barely noticeable footprint on the area.”

There has been only one comment on the planned development so far, from Mrs Amanda Gardner, who wrote: “Although I see no issue with the portable container, |perhaps its situation could be reviewed?

“The current position on the map is at a part of the car park that has high density traffic and usage, as there are two retail establishments in that vicinity as well as large delivery van drop offs.

“Perhaps it would be better |suited to the area closest to the |slipway?”