The younger children at Falmouth Primary Academy have taken up residence in “the village” after their regular classrooms were made off limits by building work being carried out on site.

The entire building on the infants’ side of the site has been evacuated by children and staff as essential maintenance is undertaken. As a result, they have all taken up residence in a series of temporary buildings sited in the car park and on the playground.

Head teacher, Claire Smith, said the heating system did not work properly and significant repairs were needed to the roof so Cornwall Council decided to remedy both problems at the same time.

A complete new heating system is being installed and the entire roof is to be removed and replaced and areas of flat roof replaced with pitched.

As a result, the reception, year one and two children and the office staff have set up home in the temporary buildings, where they are scheduled to remain for the rest of the school year.

As well as the essential repairs, general housekeeping will also be carried out while the school is empty.

Mrs Smith said: “The benefit is that when we move back into school, everything will have been totally repainted as well as us having the brand new roof and new heating system.”