Firefighters from Falmouth’s white watch will be visiting local boat yards on Saturday to give safety advice following a number of incidents involving vessels out of the water and laid up.

Ff Dave Coombes is leading the initiative and said: “We want boat owners to come along and discuss their concerns with us. Hopefully following our visit they will be safer by fitting smoke and gas detectors and following simple checks which can prevent a fire on board.

“Living on a boat in Falmouth is something that has taken place for years, however, the risk to those on board is a lot higher than in a conventional property. There is only one escape route, through the cabin.

“Considering the space and how quickly it can be filled with smoke, carbon monoxide or explosive gases, living aboard a boat actually requires a greater level of fire safety than living in a standard house.”

A few points for boat owners to remember include:

  • Keep all gas cylinders outside in a self draining, fire resistant locker.
  • Never restrict airflow by blocking vents or air gaps.
  • Check all appliances and hoses regularly.
  • When possible turn the gas off at the cylinder before going to bed.
  • Get a gas monitor.
  • Fit a smoke detector and check it regularly.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Standard barbeques should not be used on boats.
  • Check the flues of wood burners for signs of leaks and blockages.