Despite the fact that drivers face a fine and points on their licence if they break the speed limit, never mind the increased risk, Cornwall Council is refusing to make a speed limit change to one of Helston's road clear - because officers claim it would be “illegal.”

The bizarre situation was brought to the fore at the last meeting of town councillors.

Here they were told that drivers were apparently “unaware” of the recent speed limit change to Meneage Road, which has dropped from 40mph to 30mph.

PC Anne Butcher told members that over a 45-minute period officers stopped seven people breaking the speed limit, adding: “One observation is that the signage could do with more repeaters. People were clearly not aware of that reduction in the speed along there.”

Some might consider this a simple solution - a few more signs that drivers cannot fail to miss. Indeed, the town council itself has asked for this to happen.

The response? “We have been informed that the position of the lampposts should inform motorists of what speed they should drive at,” explained a somewhat incredulous deputy mayor Mike Thomas.

That is all very well, and of course something that every new driver is taught - but when drivers pass along the same road, at the same speed every day for X number of years, it could be argued it takes something out of the ordinary to make them sit up and notice.

The area's Cornwall Councillor Judith Haycock has also tried on a couple of occasions, but her findings were depressing: “The lampposts mean it is automatically a 30mph and it's actually illegal to put repeater signs.”

Funny how the lampposts were still there when it was 40mph though, isn't it?