Falmouth has seen plenty of ships arrive for repair over the years, but thankfully none have arrived the way this former channel ferry did at a Turkish scrap yard

For more than 20 years, the MS Pride of Calais plied her way across the English channel disgorging thousands of motorists and holidaymakers in France.

These days things aren't looking quite so rosy.

Forlorn and unwanted, the 26,000 tonne ship lies beached in a Turkish breakers yard awaiting her destruction.

The Pride of Calais served on the cross-Channel route from 1987 to 2012. Last year she sailed between Ramsgate and Ostend before being send to the scrap yard in October.

Dismantling such a large ship is a specialist job that takes hundreds of men several months, and the specialists at the breakers yard in Aliaga, Turkey, have a spectacularly brutal method.