A white waxy substance, which was blamed for the death of dogs when it first appeared on Cornish beaches back in October, has been washed up on north coast beaches from Sennen to Porth.

Cornwall Council is putting up signs at beaches in the affected areas to inform beach users of the situation. The Council is also providing appropriate signage to private beach owners.

The further deposits are believed to be the same substance which was confirmed as being a non-toxic, degraded, edible oil or fat following laboratory tests last year.

Cornwall Council has advised that if, as appears to be the case, this is the same substance that has washed up in the past, people should keep away from it - if you do come into contact with it, please wash it off using normal soap or shower gel and water and wash your clothes.

David Owens, Cornwall Council Assistant Head of Environments says: “Once again we are especially advising dog owners to be vigilant. Please keep you dog on a lead as there have been reports in the past that the substance could be dangerous for dogs if they eat a large amount of it. Our contractors Cory are removing the substance from Cornwall Council owned beaches which have been affected and will be providing advice to the owners of private beaches on how to dispose of the substance.”

Both the Council and Cory are continuing to monitor beaches in Cornwall for further deposits of the substance but anyone who sees deposits of it is asked to report it to the Council’s customer contact centre on 0300 1234 141 during office hours.