An update on the future of suspended Falmouth police sergeant Gary Watts is expected shortly.

It is eight months since the neighbourhood policeman was suspended from the force following an allegation of gross misconduct.

The Packet has now learned that an update on the case is expected from “the New Year.”

Although no further information is available at this time, it has prompted speculation that a decision could be announced soon.

It was last May that Sergeant Watts was suspended from his post while an inquiry was carried out into the complaint, details of which have never been released.

The force referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which deemed it suitable for local investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police.

A police spokesperson told the Packet yesterday that the last update on the case log was that there was “nothing expected until at least the New Year.”

It is exactly a year since Sergeant Watts, a former member of the RAF, hit the national headlines after he dreamt up and starred in a charity parody of the video for the song Gangnam Style.

The “Gangnam Policeman” video was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube and raised thousands of pounds to help a young boy from Lancashire with severe disabilities following an operation on a brain tumour.

There was never a suggestion that Sergeant Watts’ suspension related to his charity work.