It is Saturday, so here at the Packet we have had a delve through the archives to find some strange and shocking stories. Here are eight to make your hair stand on end.

People always seem to be at their most creative when coming up with excuses, and we pay tribute to this chap who blamed his pet fish after he was caught smashing up a cash machine.

Read: Pet fish blamed for cash machine smash

Falmouth Packet:

Lets start with the most recent. How a 'Cannibal rat ghost ship' was set to hit the Cornish coast, except it wasn't. The outlandish story was of course rubbished by the experts, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Read more here

Falmouth Packet:

Or how about the immortal question, can a sheep surf? This one at Godrevy can, baaaaa-dly (sorry). Read more and watch the video here.

Next up is something you would rather not be in the paper for.... A drunk man leapt onto a wall in Camborne town centre, shouted “yahoo!” and exposed himself to a group of teenagers. Read more here.

Falmouth Packet: Plan for luxury homes on Pendennis Headland

This one beggars belief, how a man dressed in women's clothing was caught committing "an indecent act" with a dog in broad daylight at Pendennis Castle. Read more here.

Next up was a recurring story dealing with a particularly strange court appearance by a Redruth man. Known world wide as the 'Slurry Pervert', this was one of those articles that develops a life of its own.

Read it here (Warning, not for the squeamish):

Pervert caught pleasuring himself in slurry for third time

Farm pervert is jailed

Slurry man: brother calls for help, not jail

South West farmer finds pervert in his slurry

Pervert got sex kicks in slurry

Next up was a shocker,  an eyewitness has spoken of the horrific scenes in Penryn when a man chopped his penis off with a kitchen knife in front of horrified onlookers. Read more here.

A special mention has to go to this chap, spotted by our eagle-eyed news editor Emma Ferguson. Who he was and what he was doing, I guess we will never know.

Naked man emerges from bushes during planning meeting

Falmouth Packet:

Finally we have a good news story, how a 'miracle dog' survived thanks to a cheeky garden waste flytipper. The pet pooch tumbled 164 feet (50 metres) down an abandoned mineshaft but survived after after landing on grass cuttings that had been dumped there over the years.

Read more here