Potholes, half closed car parks, bird droppings, verdigris, disrepair, the countdown is on for the Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Race in August, but what will the thousands of people who visit  to see the South West’s largest maritime event this year think of the town, asks In Port expert David Barnicoat.

In my childhood the town’s postmark read “Fascinating Falmouth, Gem of the Cornish Riviera.”
Nowadays, although many of us are still proud to be Falmothians the town is in decline from a cosmetic point of view.

The piazza on the Moor is tacky. Wooden seats are festooned with verdigris and bird droppings. The streets are covered in discarded chewing gum. Church Street car park is in a state of disrepair with no work going on and a quarter of the car park fenced off, out of use.

Lower Quay Street, leading down to Custom’s House and North quays, where the public can relax and enjoy the harbour views, requires re-surfacing. Worst of all is the appalling state of the lower car park at Pendennis Point which resembles a moonscape.

Pendennis Point is a focal point to observe our iconic harbour, a place for people to relax and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful seascapes. Yet town and Cornwall councillors completely ignore this important landmark.

They need to re-surface the lower car park and place a few seats or tables around for visitors to soak up the ambience. I suspect a mandarin at County Hall is already thinking about implementing parking charges here.

Yes, we live in times of austerity but come on councillors – do something. Our harbour is the greatest asset this town has to offer. In August Falmouth should be a showcase for all Cornwall!

What do you think. Do you agree that the town needs a facelift before the huge event?