With the Met Office warning of strong winds and heavy rain, HM Coastguard is urging people to take extra care at spots near the sea, and on coast paths.

A spokesman said: "In some parts of the country, conditions on the sea and along the coast are extremely treacherous with gale-force winds, high tides and heavy rain. Sending units to help people in these types of avoidable incidents will also put rescue teams at risk.

"If you do decide to venture out, check the prevailing weather conditions and make sure that you can handle them. If you are taking photos of the sea, take care, a great photo is not worth risking your life for. If in doubt, don’t go out.

"Some sections of the coast are also particularly vulnerable to cliff falls and landslips. We are again advising the public to take great care when walking on cliff paths or along beaches, and take note of any warning signs in place.

HM Coastguard’s advice is simple: don’t take risks. But if you do get into difficulty, or spot someone who might be in trouble, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard."