Dead Christmas trees have been scattered across Porthtown beach and into the village after the storm and high tides.

The picture, taken at 9am on Sunday shows the impact the storm has had on the project to bury dead Christmas trees to try and secure the dune sand.

Large numbers of them have been torn out of the sand, with reports of the in the stream, and blowing about the village.

Porthtowan Dunes Group said on Facebook, "Another 30 plus dead christmas trees scattered around the beach, stream, sandpile etc. It is very hard not to say "I told you so", so we'll give in to temptation and say to Councillor Joyce Duffin and the council "experts" - if you didn't get a big enough message from 80 or so people at the Village Hall meeting on the 22nd, then this surely must tell you it was a really bad idea to stick loads of horrible dead christmas trees in the sand at the rear of the beach.

"We told you so."

Falmouth Packet:

The group and volunteers were out to try and clear the area and get it looking a little better, with members of the group on the beach collecting up and clearing away all the dead trees from the area. We have had reports about trees on the roads and pavements at night and in the stream being taken out to sea