Work has started to fortify the defences outside The Watering Hole in advance of the oncoming storm and monster waves.

Falmouth Packet:

However information that staff at The Watering Hole in Perranporth have been 'emptying out the bar' in advance of 'Big Wednesday' is not accurate.

The information, sent out on Twitter has been put down to the owner's son's "odd" sense of humour, said that the bar was being cleared in advance when huge surf is set to pummel the coastline.

The pub Twitter account sent out this picture of the popular venue, saying: "Largest waves that have ever hit Cornwall are coming Wednesday- we are taking action and emptying out the whole bar."

Thanks to some clarification, the work is just planned refurbishment, and the timing is just a "coincidence".

The pub is open as normal.

The pub has been left high, and so far thankfully dry, after the series of storms cut away the sand around it, with the waves coming dangerously close in recent days.

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The "largest waves" ever refers to the size of Wednesday's expected swell, which is forecast to be 28feet at 18 seconds at Wednesday's high tide (8.10am). The wind will be a roaring 40+ mph from the S/SW.

Tides will be high, within the spring tide range, but not as high as recent days, which may be the bar's saviour.

While huge, these are not the biggest waves ever to have hit Cornwall, rather this is set to be the biggest nearshore swell size anywhere in the world on that date.

The coastal shelf takes much of the energy out of the waves hitting Cornwall, compared to places like Hawaii, where the open ocean swell hurtles out of deep ocean onto shallow reefs, causing much larger breaking waves.

Staff also cheekily paid tribute to Chapel Rock, which they say has saved the pub after taking some of the power out the waves.

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