UPDATE: Ten boats have now sunk and the rescue of the remaining boats is being hampered because people are turning up and ad-hoc leaving their cars. This is not helping the efforts.

Boats sinking in Porthleven harbour

More spectacular storm footage from Jon Carrol in Porthleven

This one from Nick.

Fishermen and the emergency services are battling to remove boats from Porthleven’s inner harbour this morning in a bid to save them from sinking.

The power of the waves has already seen the balks (large pieces of wood) fail between the inner and outer harbour.

It means that the waves are now rolling through the normally protected inner harbour – and the boats sheltering in there.

Six or seven boats have already been sunk as a result and now a rescue bid is on to save others from the clutches on the sea.

One of the port’s historic cannons, close to the Ship Inn, is also teetering perilously close to the edge of the harbour, having been dragged there by the gale force winds.

Packet photographer Christine Hosey has been out and about taking pictures morning and described the boats in the harbour as being “tossed around like toys”, adding: “A still photo doesn't do it justice.”

She said: “I've never, ever seen waves so big. It's horrendous.”

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