Cornwall Council Leader John Pollard is demanding immediate action by the Government to repair the storm damage in the region and restore the rail link to Cornwall.

Falmouth Packet:

Mr Pollard is joining with other councils and business organisations to stress the importance of this link to the local economy and is calling on the Government to take urgent action. Cornwall has suffered a series of storms during this winter and the overall costs to us are enormous.

“We cannot afford any interruption to this vital rail link and the Government needs to act to ensure that repairs are carried out immediately. Our road and air links continue to work well and Cornwall remains open for business, however the rail link is crucial to our economy and we need Government support now. We are similarly concerned that the vital link to the Isles of Scilly is maintained by sea and air.

“As a result of the recent storms some communities across Cornwall have suffered significant structural damage which will cost millions of pounds to repair. Council staff are doing a superb job offering practical support and protecting people and the infrastructure but the growing list of damage means that we need the assurance that the Government will help.

"Cornwall Council and its partners are doing everything possible and the co ordinated approach across the region in a example of what can be achieved. However, now we need money and action from National bodies to ensure that peoples lives can return to normal as soon as possible.