The latest estimate for the cost of the flooding and bad weather in Cornwall is around £14 million, according to Cornwall Council cabinet member Alex Folkes.

However this amount is likely to rise further as wild weather continues to barrel towards Cornwall over the coming days. 

Mr Folkes said: "The £14m figure is made up of £4 million for the immediate response to the flooding and £10 million for the long term repair work - mainly rebuilding walls and repairing roads. The good news is that Cornwall has qualified for 'Bellwin scheme' funding for our response work. This means we can claim 85 per cent of the amount we have spent over the trigger amount of £1.4 million. But this doesn't touch the £10 million structural repair bill.

"We've also heard today that the Prime Minister is pledging £100 million for flood relief nationwide. That sounds like a huge amount, but we don't know the details and is likely to be only a small proportion of the final UK bill.

"But there are wider problems than just here in Cornwall that affect Cornwall. The huge damage to the rail line at Dawlish will effectively cut off one of Cornwall's primary links to the rest of the UK. Of course we need to get the line repaired as soon as possible, but we also need a plan for the future where Cornwall's rail link is not put at risk every time there is bad weather.

"I don't know whether that solution will be via Dawlish or some new route, but it is important that the government recognises the need for a long term solution."