Residents have come out fighting against a replacement development plan for Lowertown.

Messrs Puckey, Heims and Towers have submitted a planning application for the same piece of land that they previously wanted to build eight homes on back in 2012.

The application was subsequently rejected and the trio has now submitted a follow up application, this time for outline permission to determine access for a proposed two open-market houses. A detailed application for the homes is planned for a later date.

In supporting documents from agent Stephen Bott, it is stated that over the next 18 years 896 homes are needed in the Helston area – equating to 49 a year.

In terms of housing land, it is added: “There is a serious shortfall in Helston and the identification of additional land has been an urgent issue for several years.”

The documents argue that the “significant gap between Lowertown and Helston” would still remain if the development went ahead and an open area with free access to the public is offered on the eastern part of the site.

The proposed homes are described as “infill” at Lowertown.

However, objectors claim that nothing has changed since the last application and the reasons for refusal remained the same.

Among the 20 objections on the Cornwall Council website, as the Packet went to press, was one from Dave Reynolds, who has written: “Whilst I appreciate that it is their right to submit an application, it is ridiculous and is surely getting to the point when enough is enough, and that continuing to waste the time of local authorities and individuals is making a mockery of the legislation recently put into place.

“We need to protect our countryside, we need to protect our green belts for the future generation and we need to protect Lowertown!”

Mike Hales questioned “what part of ‘green buffer zone’ do these applicants not understand?” while other people had concerns over road safety, drainage and potential flooding issues.

The application is due to be considered yesterday, Thursday, at the planning committee meeting of Helston Town Council from 6.15pm.