Mullion Surf Lifesaving Club has been left facing an estimated £7,000 bill after losing all of its equipment to raging seas.

Not only did the club’s boards and other equipment get washed away last week, but its hut at Polurrian Cove has been left severely damaged.

Railings outside the hut have been bent by the force of the waves and big holes have opened up under the slipway.

Falmouth Packet:

Mullion Parish Council had only recently refurbished the hut for the club, ahead of moves towards the club taking over control for a peppercorn rent.

Glynis Sadler, treasurer of the club, told the Packet: “Nobody can believe it. Tonnes of concrete have been moved about like Lego bricks. The slipway has come away to leave a big hole underneath.”

The damaged hut is also used by RNLI lifeguards who patrol the beach and their equipment is gone also.

Unfortunately, due to the hut being so close to the beach, the club is unable to obtain insurance for its equipment.

Writing on the internet social networking site Facebook, the lifesaving club’s chairman, Mark Tonkin, thanked everybody for their support, saying: “I’d like to thank everyone for their heartfelt messages of support for the club over the past few days, and for the many suggestions of fundraising ideas and grants.

“It is early days yet; we are waiting reports on the extent of the damage to the building and surrounding area from various organisations to be submitted and discussed. With another storm on the way, these reports could take some time.”

The club’s committee members met on Monday to discuss the situation and are expected to meet again.

It is possible that public meetings may also be held in the future.

The surf lifesaving club has around 40 young members, aged between eight and 16.

Falmouth Packet:

Waves crash into the club

Falmouth Packet:

Equipment scattered by the wind and waves