Police have reassured women in Helston after a worrying Facebook post from a driver claiming she had been followed was shared more than 1,000 times.

The post, written under the heading “Warning Helston and surrounding area, please read”, tells the story of a lone woman apparently being followed around the town by a car.

However, Helston police have confirmed to the Packet that no other incidents of this nature had been reported.

The Facebook post claims that the woman first noticed a car behind her at Sainsbury's filling station that then followed her to the main supermarket car park.

As a result she changed her mind about parking and continued towards Coronation Park, with the car still behind her. The woman wrote: “As it was 7.30 at night and dark I was getting a little scared so I thought I would see if they were following me by pulling into Lidl car park and out again, and they did the same. I then knew I was being followed as the shop was shut. “I went up the hill towards Hill Top, with them right behind, and turned so quick with no signal they had no chance to realise that was what I was going to do, so they had no time to turn.”

She added that her friend had also been followed on the Helston to Wendron road by a car that overtook her and then “slammed on their brakes, either trying to cause her to crash into them or to rob her,” but she got away.

The woman claimed that both incidents involved a Volkswagen Golf in a medium blue shade.

Sergeant Phil Binney, from Helston Police Station, said: “We're aware of what has been put on Facebook, but we have had no other reports.”

He said that officers had been told about the allegations and should they see a vehicle matching the given description acting suspiciously they would ask questions accordingly.

Sergeant Binney added that if anyone ever felt in danger they should call the police on the 101 number, unless there was a serious and immediate threat to safety when 999 should be used.

“If someone genuinely believes they're being followed and are in fear for their safety they have to call us. We will look into it.

“It's better for us to go out and find a perfectly rational explanation than something happen. If someone is in doubt, call us - we're only too happy to attend,” he said.