Pupils at King Charles’ School in Falmouth had a visit from the law this week, as part of their topic looking at people who help.

PCSO Ellie Grey, who is also a school governor, visited the reception class to tell the children about her job, and they even got to look all over her police car.

Debbie Byrom, the assistant head for younger years, said: “It’s been really good for developing their personal and social skills, and they have had to give a presentation to the school about what they want to be when they grow up to help others.

“There was a wide range, including astronauts and mermaids, and one who wanted to start a cleaning company.

“It’s nice to have such confident children, and it’s been so interesting for them.”

The year group, which will be covering superheroes next week, has also had a visit from a paramedic, and is hoping to see the fire service as well.

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