Falmouth University’s plans to enhance the entrance to its Woodlane campus, introduce traffic calming and remove six parking spaces, received a mix reaction when discussed by town councillors.

While members of Falmouth’s planning committee were all in support of proposals to improve the entrance by removing part of the boundary wall between Rosehill and Tannachie and creating an open courtyard, there were concerns over the loss of parking spaces on Woodlane.

Councillor Candy Atherton said: “I very much welcome the opening up of the entrance, the university does need that, but I am unhappy about the loss of the parking.

“Parking in that area is at a complete premium. There are already parking wars down that road sometimes, it really can be a nightmare. It would put extra strain on the community.”

Councillor Steve Gray, however said: “I actually think the removal of the parking spaces will lessen the congestion. The congestion is caused by the parked cars, so by taking this away that will really free that up.”

The university’s plans also include widening the pavement and introducing three areas of traffic calming near its entrance.

Director of estates, Ken Johnson, told councillors: “The entrance is causing a great deal of problems in many ways and does not provide the presence we want to portray on the street.

“It is the principal entrance to the Falmouth campus and we want to improve it and give it further presence.

“We want to increase the width of the pavement which would create a better visual link across to our other properties on the north side of the road, and install a raised pedestrian link.

“We do have problems with cars speeding passed here, it’s potentially an accident waiting to happen. Pushing the pavement out means an improved sight line.”

The committee voted by four to six to support the application, but only if the traffic calming proposals and loss of parking spaces win the approval of Cornwall Council’s highways’ officer.