A Falmouth man struggled and fought with a security officer from Boots in the town, before turning his attention on a police officer called after he was found stealing a tester perfume bottle.

David Anthony Parsons, aged 54, of High Street, pleaded guilty at Truro’s magistrates’ court to stealing the perfume worth £23.99 and to assaulting PC Barry Nicholas and store security officer Daniel McLeod.

Alison May, for the CPS, said he had resisted attempts to come back in the store after he was stopped outside and found with the perfume in his pocket.

He punched Mr McLeod in his face two or three times, headbutting him in the mouth, before both of them inside fell down a flight of five steps inside.

Parsons continued trying to kick out and bite Mr McLeod, and then tried to run into the basement to escape, but found he could not get out.

At this he became verbally abusive, arming himself with a four or five foot length of plastic shelving which he held up in a threatening manner towards Mr McLeod.

The police arrived and arrested him, having to take him to the ground to restrain him, and he spat in PC Nicholas’ face, kicking out at his chest several times.

The case was sent to Truro Crown Court on March 6 for sentence. Bail was allowed with a condition that Parsons should not go into Boots in Falmouth.